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STATworkUP is a medical differential diagnosis expert system. It contains a large multi-specialty relational database packed full of great content to help quickly correlate thousands of symptoms & signs. Pertinent manifestations that are appropriate for further assessment are rapidly grouped together for evaluation. The app quickly presents information for each entity in drill-down detail views and displays subject matter web page links.

It assists with history-taking and physical examination, suggesting appropriate lab tests and includes practice guidelines too. The program rapidly calculates relevant sets of conditions to consider for weighted finding selections. This helps healthcare providers to diagnose and prognose associated issues. It also instantly lists their various causes, complications and remedies. Possible diagnoses are sorted and presented in prioritized or alphabetized lists on differential tables according to how well they fit with findings . And you can adjust a probability meter to vary the likelihood of each condition for the constellation of checked observations.

Additionally, STATworkUP points-out acceptable treatments to help clinicians make good management decisions for many diseases and disorders. This is an excellent utilization review tool for quality assurance and reference with good peer-review ratings, although it is not intended to supplant sound medical judgment. The knowledgebase is frequently updated and distributed for free to keep it current with best practices.

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STATworkUP for iOS iPhone, iPad, & Android phones and tablets
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Fast Sx, Lab, DDx & Rx Info

Mobile, interactive reference assistance for medical practice review and learning.

Designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to bring an exceptional user experience to health care providers and students.

STATworkUP integrates Conditions with Tests, Disorders and Remedies, to evaluate and manage a wide array of usual, unusual or complex Problems.

It allows you to quickly correlate symptoms and signs for a very large number of associated diagnoses and indicates appropriate studies and therapy.

This app contains a collection of evidence-based facts and associations that may be useful for quick review of many details to facilitate Diagnosis and Treatment processes.

The interface features typical methods of investigation so its operation is fairly intuitive to medical practitioners.

Its functions, and multi-specialty knowledgebase, rapidly deliver information that can help during the workup of many presentations:

- Fast Comprehensive Evaluations
- Differential Diagnostic Tools
- Practice Guidelines
- Web Enabled

You can rapidly access valuable information for thousands of names in STATworkUP's completely relational structure.

Locate any Symptom, Study, Diagnosis or Treatment from full lists in just moments by using fast search modes that can also be located by entering synonyms or categories, even by voice activation.

Quickly get facts for over 12,000 cross-related and organized terms, by reading the concise, yet detailed, information that is displayed in drill-down views for each entity.

STATworkUP can help you to shift focus from the chief complaint to facilitate discovery of less obvious but significant manifestations and their plausible causes as workup proceeds.

Its features can assist you to explore and evaluate many other concerns for in-depth problem assessment in a hurry.

It brings potentially relevant Findings together to help guide further examination. And it immediately calculates more or less likely Conditions to consider for the items you select as present or not.

Weights of corroborative findings are added up in real-time to rapidly create lists of possible differential diagnoses for your consideration.

The program quickly calculates and shows the diagnoses that fit with the selected findings for all of the conditions in the database.

STATworkUP rapidly builds prioritized or alphabetized lists of possible diagnoses, based upon findings you designate or signify by checkmark, from the listed items.

You can even adjust differential output by setting the probability meter to expand or to constrain the resulting array of diagnoses based on the amount of likelihood that you desire.

Subject matter expert web pages are also available for each entry in the database, and you can link to them from within the application at the touch of a button.

The app can use standard accessibility features like speak text selections or play web video content too.

So you can instantly see, and AirPrint, additional information on the internet for any item as well.

Navigate through all the views with the flick of a finger.

The content, user interface and structure of this application have been carefully crafted over the last 25 years by practicing physicians, computer engineers, mathematicians and medical informaticists.

The great amount of good information that it does contain should not be substituted for the expert advice of licensed physicians or other credentialed healthcare providers.

Appropriate practices require years of training plus ample experience and insight.

STATworkUP is NOT intended to supplant sound medical judgment!

The database is constantly maintained to keep it current and you will be notified when frequent updates are available for download.

The app includes help files about how to use it and online support as well.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy it!

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